Features Vs edges like to concentrate

What’s one amongst the most important copywriting mistakes I see all the time? Copywriters focusing an excessive amount of on the options of their product Berllaw.com service, as against the advantages. Why’s it such an enormous mistake? as a result of nobody cares concerning your product. all of your prospect cares concerning is that the edges they’re going to get from it. Simple. Now, will that mean you must utterly ignore your product’s features? No. however before you mention them, you would like to concentrate on the advantages. consider it like this: palmy copywriting and palmy sales letters all have one issue in common… They “sell” to the prospects emotions BEFORE they sell to the logical facet of their brain. and that is precisely what you would like to accomplish in your sales copy. And by that specialize in the advantages 1st, you’ll undoubtedly be appealing to your prospect’s emotions. Then justify the options to back-up and prove your claims.

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