Get excited over travel, new travel website!

I have been going to this website for about three weeks now, drinking up all of the awesome travel photography and day dreaming! I thought it was about time I shared with you guys…

Trover is a website where you can share your travel photo’s with other travellers. I usually just look at photo’s from a place I want to go and then dream!

Check out “Natural History Museum, Mauritius” for example, beautiful!I found it by accident, but what a happy accident!


Or perhaps you’d like to go to the beautiful Japan? I know I could spend hours looking at their beautiful gardens, landscape, temples, food, food…

Don’t know about you guys, but Ethiopia is “on my list”! I would love to go there, experience the wildlife and Ethiopian culture. A culture that’s never been occupied by Europeans’, one of a kind in it’s region!

Explore. Enjoy! 😉

The Big World: how it all looked as young girl growing up in Australia

When I was a kid, I used to think Australia was one planet and the USA was another planet and the only way we could get there was by rocket ship. Growing up in a country where our biggest cultural imports were from America (our movies, music, TV…) puts this thinking into perspective. American’s are familiar to young Australians. So why did I think they were so far away?

This thinking is because no-one went to America, or anywhere outside of Australia. Our summers were spend at a caravan park on the beach with many other working-class Australian Families. Within my social circles international travel was just not done, although even at an early age I knew I wanted to leave my homeland for adventure.

I was a teenager before I met international travellers. International travel was so expensive for Australians and besides everything was so far from my island home, yet these guys’ and their families had managed it.

I was nineteen when I first left Australia – for New Zealand. Aside from this one family holiday, all of my international travel has been planned and executed by me. I can confidently say I am an independent traveller now.

I don’t know when my bubble got popped, but it did when I learnt a bit about geography (something that I’m still learning as I travel) and that people can travel on airplanes, not rocket ships!

Now I can go almost anywhere at the drop of a hat (visas permitting) and can even work in one of thirty-seven countries my home government has a working holiday visa arrangement with. Knowing this makes me happy, knowing this makes me feel freer.

But I feel like so many of my people don’t know these things. Or they are truly scared of the big world, so I write this blog to show others that the big world really isn’t so big and that American’s really are earthlings after all. Or so they tell me.

I have a five year plan. When did that happen!?

The other night I was trying to work two things out 1) how I was going to afford to do my Masters degree in Norway and 2) how I was going to work the obligatory Aussie-goes-UK working holiday into my life and I know what you’re thinking, isn’t it obvious!? If these are two things you want to do… you can make one work for the other!

I then hatched my first five year plan. These are something girls at my university usually have. Often they involve getting married and having children. Sometimes they involve careers and using our undergraduate degrees. Mine involves travel.

I want to travel long-term. Travel is my priority. I will be seeing the world over the next five years, working and studying being a part of that too, yes.

I learned last year that education was free in Norway to everyone (yes, even foreigners, like me!) I didn’t believe it at first, being that my own country makes such a pretty penny off our international students, why wouldn’t the Norwegians? Apparently although this is currently being hotly debated in their media

I had already had big fantasies about moving to the UK, not just because it’s so damned easy that it’s got to be one of the most travelled routes for all young Australians, but because I really do love the UK. I’ve been a few times now over my two Europe trips and had planned to move there with my last (Irish) boyfriend once until he remembered that he is Irish and doesn’t like the English.

Here’s my plan. I will be moving to the UK in likely early 2016, before Australia day as I hear the best Australia day in the world is in London. I’ll work and live there for a while and then from London I will go somewhere else. Maybe Oxford, maybe Edinburgh, who knows… somewhere else. I’ll continue this work, move about a bit, work until I’m ready for Norway. Then when my time is up, and I’ve hopefully saved enough for my Norwegian visa, I’ll apply to do my Masters in Norway. I’ve already chosen a university and a course, although this may change. Life is full of surprises after all!

Conversation with a friend

I was talking to my friend the other day and I wanted to share, I’m sure many, many traveller’s could relate!

Her: “Are you happy where you are at the moment [not on the road]?”

Me: “I’m… comfortable.”

Her: “I guess that’s a good thing.”

Me: “Well, yes, but I’m still travel-bug itcky and it’s driving me crazy”

I don’t think it will take me long until I’m back on the road again. I tell myself I will take a year to eighteen months off, but we will see.

My first blog post! Ohh, that tickles!

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I’m Adventurer Stacey, a boom-and-bust traveller (one who saves, travels on her earnings then comes home when she runs out of money) who wants to make it as a real nomad.

This blog will be chronicling my experiences as well as a place where others’ can gain inspiration to do the same thing themselves. I hear so many people with excuses as to why they can’t travel now that I decided I’d do something about it. Life’s too short to be dreaming instead of living.

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