How to find a cheap flight

Although in the past I have spoken about my own bad experiences with cheap airlines, it’s possible to get a cheap flight without having to resort to cheap airlines – if you plan ahead.

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Planning your travel in the shoulder or off-season and not when there is a festival or event will ensure cheaper travel.

If you are planning your travel to attend a festival or event however, be sure to check out alternate ways of getting there besides the obvious direct flight. You might want to fly to another nearby airport and take a train or bus to the festival or event which often can save you a heap of money.

Booking flights in that golden window of time when airlines are trying to fill their seats but not so near that they know they have you and prices will go up – usually about six to eight weeks before ensures the best prices. Don’t believe me? Visit any budget travel agents website and see when their flight specials are for, you’ll usually find them about eight weeks away or sometimes a little further away if the off season is coming up.

I usually use skyscanner to search flights, they don’t charge commissions and also give you the price that you will pay, not the drip price. Drip pricing is when an airline markets their flights as being super cheap – say, $6 then there is a tone of extras that you do not have a choice about paying for that may turn your $6 flight into a $106 flight, costing you sometimes the same amount of money as the more honest and often better to fly with airlines. When you do decide on a flight you’d like to book, click through and they will bring you to the airlines website so you can book through them (which means in theory if you want to change or cancel your flight later, then you can do it without having as many issues as you do when there was a third party selling to you).

Sometimes it’s also a good idea if you know a little while in advance you want to fly to set up an email notification with either skyscanner or Airfare Watshdog who tend to be the more traditional choice. They’re easy to set up and could save you a pretty penny, if not a lot of your time.

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