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I’m Stacey Farley, creator of Adventurer Stacey. I’m an Australian writer, blogger and lover of all things budget, backpacker and long-term travel related! I am a walking encyclopaedia of travel knowledge which I share with my readers through my website, social media and email newsletter. I’m passionate about what I do and keeping serving my readers with new, fresh and interesting content on an ongoing basis.

Below I have listed some of the ways I’m currently open to working with companies and individuals. If you would like to work with me in a way not mentioned below and think my readership would benefit from more knowledge about your brand, you’re welcome to get in touch and we can discuss how we can work together.

Why work with Adventurer Stacey?

Adventurer Stacey is a trusted resource for independent travelers, backpackers, long-term travelers or who want to travel on a budget. I share information, advice and tips with my readers on how they can travel long term and embrace the travel lifestyle.

Within a few months of starting Adventurer Stacey I had a world-wide audience of regular and engaged readers. I focus on building and maintaining a high level of engagement with my readers and a sense of community between this wonderful community of adventurers.

My readership

My target readership is young people who’re seeking advice for long-term, independent budget travel. This includes people who’ve travelled previously through a travel agent and want to branch out on their own and start travelling independently. Most of my readers are from Australia and the USA with Europeans coming hot on their heels.

My readers are very important to me and I keep them in mind when I partner, affiliate or agree to work with someone new. For this reason, I do not accept every offer of partnership as I won’t those partnerships I do form to be beneficial to my readers in the very first instance.

What I have to offer travel brands


I pride myself on offering honest feedback to my readers about useful travel resources and good companies to use when they travel. For this reason I’m always on the lookout for new travel gear and resources, places to stay, places to eat, tours and anything up-and-coming in the travel world.

This gives travel related companies a good opportunity to work with me, it’s worth keeping in mind though that I cannot represent a good or service to my readers if I do not have positive first-hand experience. For this reason I never exchange contras for positive reviews. Any review given will be honest.

Most recent review given: Harry Potter Tour, Edinburgh


I offer banner advertising on my website for companies that operate within my travel niche. The Sidebar Ads should be 125 x 125 or 300 x 250.

FEES: please contact to discuss

Press trips

I am available for press trips or tailored trips and can act as a brand ambassador for tourism boards and adventure tourism companies.

Any trip undertaken must adhere to Adventurer Stacey website ethos and be of value to my audience of independent travellers. This both gives you access to my engaged audience and gives me audience access to relevant travel content.

FEES: please contact to discuss

Brand Partnerships

Brand partnerships are available to select brands, tourism boards, campaigns, organisations and companies that have the potential to add value to my readerships lives. Those that my readers need to know about can be promoted by myself with prominent advertising on the Adventurer Stacey website, branded posts and promotional campaign driven oportunities.

FEES: please contact to discuss

Any other ideas? Let me know what you have in mind.

Other things I have to offer


Before I started this website, I had been a freelance writer in the travel, lifestyle, music and science niches. Why Science when it seems so unrelated to the rest? I hold a Bachelor of Environmental Science which gives me authority in this field.

If you have a project you’d like me to be involved in as a writer, please get in touch and we can discuss the project and my rates.

Social Media Manager

In my other life I work in PR and would be happy to take on new clients whose social media I can manage for them.

I’m looking forward to working with you!

Please contact me using the form below or by contacting me on Adventurer-Stacey-emailor by using the form below.

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